Tersicore Anklet

Tersicore Anklet

Studded sandals

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Overdressed or underdressed? With our Infradito Cavigliera, it's never an issue. Our single wrap sandals with a studded center piece give just the right amount of shine to subtly spice-up almost any outfit you are wearing.


  • Calf nappa leather with decorative studs in a gold finish
  • Natural sole in certified Tuscan leather
  • 10mm heel

Velluto Nero

  • Black velvet straps with decorative studs in a gold finish
  • Barrel tinted and certified Tuscan leather sole in black
  • 10mm heel

Why choose us?


We custom-make your sandals to make each pair unique while avoiding stock waste and keeping in mind our environmental impact.

Our soles are crafted using natural leather, pine wood, linen and a final wax finish for protection. Instead of using plastic, each sole is delicately brushed to prevent you from slipping on the ground.

Made in Italy

We are artisans celebrating the beauty of thoughtfully hand-crafted Capri sandals. We grew up watching cobblers shape each sandal, one by one, with absolute love and care.

We believe in the importance of keeping traditions alive and want to be able to share them with you. 

Need advice?

Our shoemaker is available to answer any product related questions you might have on all our styles!